Introducing ShopX: A one-of-a-kind hyperlocal ecommerce platform

In recent times, the ecommerce market has seen a resurgence of hyperlocal business. Where big brands are now focusing on reaching their audience through localization, home-grown stores are stepping up their online game to establish their presence. The rising demand for on-demand products and services and the glocalization of brands reaffirms that hyperlocal businesses are here to stay and we are here to ‘help businesses sell locally and grow globally’. 

ShopX is a one-of-its-kind ecommerce platform built specifically for hyperlocal businesses. Our innovative suite offers everything your business needs to launch, manage and grow your ecommerce brand. With Nearly, you can: 

1. Build a platform for your hyperlocal dream – whether it is launching your on-demand food, groceries, pharmacy, home services brand or creating a hyperlocal marketplace for multiple offerings.

2. Create location-specific stores to target your audience effectively.

3. Sell anything, from anywhere with our web and mobile online storefront.

4. Sell better with business intelligence that offers insights into your sales, products, merchants and more.

5. Find the right shoppers, reach a wider audience and increase purchases using effective marketing channels.

What’s more, ShopX  provides access to all the tools you need to manage your ecommerce operations with last-mile delivery management software integrations. With multiple integration opportunities, Nearly helps you to do more and grow faster. 

Whether you are looking to expand your existing store online or launch a multi-merchant marketplace, Nearly is the right ecommerce platform for your business. Ready to go hyperlocal? Ask for a free trial today.