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Icons makes 3X faster deliveries and revamps in-store experience with ShopX

Icons Coffee Couture is a leading coffee shop chain based in UAE offering a wide range of beverages and savories to make life happier and healthier for the community. With a vision to achieve a hassle-free food ordering and delivery experience, Icons had unique requirements as follows.


  • To help customers in ordering their favorite beverages online from the nearest Icons store.
  • To manage both in-store and online orders seamlessly for better customer experience.


Easy ordering & faster delivery

With ShopX, Icons allowed customers to place orders from their nearest Icons store based on the current location, in no time, from the customer app or web.

We also integrated MoveX, our delivery management solution with the ShopX platform to help Icons in automating dispatch and making faster deliveries. With the location-based match algorithm, every incoming order is assigned to the nearest delivery executive.

Delivery executives could navigate their way to the customers’ location easily using the route navigation feature of the delivery agents app and make on-time deliveries.

Better customer experience

With ShopX, Icons could allow their customers to view their order statuses and track their delivery executives in real-time. Besides, the customers and delivery executives could get in touch with each other via in-app chat or call. On order fulfillment, the customers could rate their orders which, in turn, helped the service provider to improve their service quality.

Effective in-store order management

Managing in-store orders efficiently was one of the chief objectives of the service provider. Team ShopX devised an exclusive application for Icons to streamline their offline orders.

The all-in-one in-store app helped both customers and waiters. While the in-store app helped customers to place their order from their table, the waiters could use the same to take orders. The mobile app allowed users to choose preferred items and make payment in a seamless way.

Using a single mobile platform, Icons made way for better in-store experience and improved customer satisfaction by a huge margin.

Improved operational efficiency

Based on the analytical reports generated by our digital solution, the service provider could have an eagle’s eye view of their business operations including the number of orders placed, the number of deliveries made, the order cancellation count, the total revenue generated in a given timeframe and much more from the admin panel.

This way, Order24 could keep track of its business performance and make data-backed decisions which, in turn, bolstered business growth.


With the partnership of ShopX, Icons is focusing on launching the online store and revamping its in-store experience.

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