How social media can bolster your E-commerce growth

E-commerce is gaining momentum as customers opt more for shopping online than visiting conventional stores. On the other hand, the majority of online shoppers are prone to spending more time on social media platforms. So, the online merchants have now started strengthening their social media presence to grab the attention of the target audience and in turn, expand their customer base and generate more revenue.

Smart advertising

Advertisements are an integral part of business development and businesses have adhered to various advertising strategies to boost business prospects. When it comes to advertising online, it is easy to reach a greater audience via social media as almost everyone holds an account in one or more of the social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

In fact, brands are investing more in paid social media advertising to have a wider reach. Entrepreneurs and marketing specialists are devising paid marketing ideas to pitch their products effectively to attract more social media users and convert opportunities into business. It is easy to set things up in platforms of social media and find the return on advertising.

Private messaging

Intuitive messaging solutions are a hotcake these days and entrepreneurs also rely on them for their business promotions. It is indeed a reliable tool that can work wonders for E-commerce and accelerate the success rate of your business like never before. Consummate businesses prefer chatbots to stimulate real-time conversations. With Artificial Intelligence, these chatbots can trigger questions to collect information regarding the visitors’ interests and requirements.

Messaging apps such as Viber have started adding new features to transform into multi-functional platforms that support social interactions and thereby promote social commerce and act as a channel for online vendors to communicate with their potential customers.

In-app purchasing

Customers want to get access to and buy products in seconds. Extensive page loading time can lead to poor customer experience ultimately bring down business prospects. In-app purchasing is an exploding trend in online selling through which buyers can have access to their favourite products and services in a few taps.

Social networks coupled with an advertising presence can transform the selling-buying process for a greater good. Social media has indeed, become a major influence that drives E-commerce growth. Trends in social network technologies including chatbots, effective tools for advertising, and in-app purchasing are making E-commerce bigger, better, and easier than never before.