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    Customized for you

    Choose our open-source native mobile application to build storefronts for your business.

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    Powerful checkout

    Ensure a smooth checkout process that delivers on speed, conversion and better customer experience.

  • features

    Quick registration

    Allow your customers to register via multiple channels like Gmail and Facebook to provide swift sign up.

  • features

    Delivery and pickup

    Allow shoppers to choose between delivery and pickup options, depending on your business model.

Elevate customer experience

Craft better online shopping experience that persuades your customers to keep coming back

  • features

    Order tracking

    Allow your customers to track their order status and access real-time updates using the in-app facilities.

  • features

    Multiple payment options

    Let customers buy products using preferred payment mode - from digital payments, wallet system & more.

  • features

    Saved locations & favorites

    Improve shopping experience by allowing your customers to save their locations & favorite stores.

  • features

    Review & ratings

    Gather customer feedback to enhance your services using the review and rating feature.

Increase engagement, boost sales

Grow your business by persuading your shoppers to keep coming back to your mobile store

  • features

    Push notifications

    Send targeted notifications to keep your customers informed and improve repeat purchases.

  • features

    Promotional codes

    Attract first time shoppers, frequent customers and everyone in-between with promotional codes.

  • features

    Loyalty programs

    Create your unique loyalty program - from point-based to subscription - for better customer retention.

  • features

    Customer analytics

    Analyze abandoned carts, measure usage behavior and gather sales insights to make better decisions.

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