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Multi Sellar
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    Sell on social media

    Transition your online store to the Facebook and Instagram platform to extend your reach.

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    Marketplace integration

    Add more power to your platform by onboarding leading marketplaces with our integration capabilities.

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    Catalog management

    Manage a diverse catalog of products and services for your sales channels, all from one place.

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    Store analytics

    Track every purchase to its source and identify profitable sales channels for better decision-making.

Market your store

Find the right shoppers, connect with your loyal audience and build a sustainable business

  • Features

    Promotional campaigns

    Reach your new and existing customers using discounts on specific collections and product listings.

  • Features

    Email marketing

    Attract, engage and convert shoppers with ready-made newsletter templates and email campaigns.

  • Features

    Product recommendations

    Increase returning shoppers by promoting cross-selling and recommendations based on their history.

  • Features

    Customer-specific marketing

    Create user-specific campaigns - right from abandoned cart users, loyal shoppers to newbies.

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